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Location Choices

                        There are a number of choices we have when it comes to birthing:

                        1. Hospital Birth: For me, a hospital birth would be my worst
                        nightmare. I can't imagine anything worse at such a special time.
                        I think hospital births should be in horror movies. There are too
                        many interventions, most of them unnecessary. There are too
                        many people wanting to take control of *your* body, wanting to
                        intervene at any opportunity, wanting to hook you up to monitors,
                        give you drugs, cut you up or "help" (suck) your baby out. Your
                        baby is generally born under bright lights and into the hands of a
                        DOCTOR, not it's mother or father. Then, once your baby is born,
                        the doctors are pouncing all over it like it's a labrat... cutting the
                        cord immediately, poking and prodding, injecting, weighing,
                        testing etc. What could be more traumatic entry into the world?!

                        2. Birthing Center: While these have a generally nicer
                        environment, bigger rooms and a more "homely" feel, they still
                        feel like a hospital. You still have people wanting to check your
                        progress, catch your baby and perform the other "routines" that a
                        hospital does. You are probably more likely to have a natural birth
                        but it just doesn't feel like home.

                        3. Midwife attended homebirth: You have the comfort of your own
                        home, your facilities, the comfort and you can arrange everything
                        how you want it. You don't have to travel to a facility and you are
                        generally relaxed. However, you *still* have someone monitoring,
                        watching and wanting to check you periodically. Therefore, you're
                        not *completely* relaxed. Your midwife also wants to interfere with
                        the childbirth process including checking you and your baby when
                        they are born and in most cases, want to catch the baby

                        4. Unassisted Homebirth: For those of you who have enjoyed this
                        experience, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say it is the
                        most empowering, beautiful, relaxing, natural occurrence. It is
                        without interference and how, I believe, a birth was intended to be.
                        The child is so relaxed when born into your or your husband's
                        arms so gently. You are not interrupted during labour for
                        examinations, your baby is not taken away to be weighed etc. It
                        is the most natural feeling in the whole world.

                        I recommend everyone look into unassited homebirth as a safe
                        and amazing alternative to the "norm". Look on the net, look into
                        history, think about it.