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Vaccination - an assault on your child

                        We hear it all the time, from doctors, family, friends and most
                        importantly, the vaccine manufaturers and "disease control"

                        Do we really *know* the facts? Have we researched without bias
                        for ourselves? Or, are we simply following what we've heard from
                        our parents, from our school etc? This is the more likely scenario.

                        Well, before we take the recommendations of the above parties,
                        we need to decide for ourselves if this is truly what we believe.
                        Let's not ask your local doctor, after all doctors differ in opinions
                        all the time. Let's not ask our parents or friends as it's most likely
                        they're just taking the advice of their friends/family or doctor who
                        may or may not be correct.

                        It's about time we researched for ourselves and made the decision
                        for ourselves. Make the decision that makes the most sense.

                        We have, after extensive research, decided against all
                        innoculations for myself and family.

                        Here are some points that made me start thinking:

                        1. If vaccines are so safe why is there a compensation scheme for
                        victims of vaccinations that pays out huge sums of money each

                        2. Vaccines contain deadly poisons such as mercury and
                        famaldahyde, should we really be poisoning our children?

                        3. Who is promoting the vaccines? Mostly the manufacturers,
                        CDC and others with vested interests.

                        4. How many long term effects have been proven and how many
                        are disputed? There are many claims that vaccines have caused
                        serious injuries but because there are studies for and against this,
                        it remains quiet.

                        These points alone should tell you that there is more information
                        that you need to look at before simply presuming your doctor
                        knows best.

                        If you are interesting in researching further, here is a good place
                        to start: