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Why I Didn't Have Prenatal Care...

                       I decided early in my pregnancy against having prenatal care for
                       a number of reasons. I didn't want my pregnancy to be treated
                       as a "medical procedure" and I didn't want any ultrasounds since
                       they have been proven by many studies to be dangerous to the
                       baby as it is exposing the child to radiation. I didn't want any
                       blood or urine tests as I feel these can sometimes lead to
                       unwarrented fear and mistrust in a woman's ability to give birth

                       I interviewed a few midwives who gave me the impression that
                       they would "give me the birth I wanted within THEIR guidelines"
                       which I was not happy about either. They were also not happy
                       that I didn't want any ultrasounds or the like. I think this was
                       mainly for liability reasons that they were concerned so I decided
                       not to have any midwives. I thought midwives were supposed to
                       be alternative and were supposed to believe that birth is a
                       natural event not needing assistance but I was wrong. They
                       acted just like a general doctor would.

                       I completely believe in my ability to create and birth without
                       assistance whether it be prenatal or assistance at the birth. I
                       believe that one intervention leads to the next before and during
                       birth. For example, if you have an epidural, this creates the need
                       for an episotomy, forceps and c-sections. This is also apparent
                       when you have one ultrasound or one blood test, it tends to lead
                       to the next. It also reinforces that we are incompetent as
                       women, we are unable to maintain pregnancy and unable to give
                       birth without the help of an "expert" which I know from
                       experience is a falicy.

                       I didn't even have one person feel my stomach and gave birth to
                       a healthy 4.2kg baby completely unassisted.

                       Don't be scared into having tests just because it's the "norm".
                       In my humble opinion, they are completely unnecessary and,
                       in some cases (especially ultrasouds), extremely dangerous.

                       There is no need for "monitoring". If you feel healthy, you
                       generally are. It's very rare that you have some mystery disease
                       that you don't even have a hunch about. Trust yourself, your
                       body and your ability to give birth naturally. Don't put your faith
                       in the latest medical technology or the person who says they are
                       an "expert". You are the expert. You know your body better than
                       anyone else in the world, including your doctor. Trust yourself
                       and have your dream pregnancy and dream birth!