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Don't Worry Be Happy ...

                       Expectant mothers come across many worries during their
                       pregnancy. They hear horror stories from friends and families,
                       doctors, literature and the media. Everything from c-sections to
                       injections to miscarriage to birth problems, episiotomies, extreme
                       pain, breech position, forceps etc.

                       One thing to keep in mind is every birth is unique just as every
                       baby is unique. There is no "due date". Your baby will come when
                       he/she is ready so don't worry at all if your baby is past it's
                       EDD... your baby may need extra development time or may just
                       not feel ready to emerge. The important thing to remember is to
                       allow him/her the time, don't intefere with his/her birth out of fear
                       or misinformation. If your membranes rupture, a hospital will want
                       to have you induced at a maximum of 24 hours after. A Dutch
                       study has shown this is not necessary after not inducing many
                       women. Labour always came on naturally anywhere up to around
                       5 days. This happened to me, I was a little concerned but gave
                       birth 5 days after my waters broke. I am so glad I waited! I think
                       it's necessary to be patient throughout pregnancy and birth.

                       The other important logic that many of us overlook is 'trust'.
                       When you have concerns or your family has concerns, simply
                       remember that you are competent and your body is competent
                       and your baby is competent. You don't need assitance during
                       pregnancy, your body was born with the ability to grow a baby
                       without the need for high tech equipment. This trust extends to
                       labour and birth, trust that your body is on the right track. After
                       all, it is an automatic reflex.

                       Fear is one thing to avoid during pregnancy, it can inhibit your
                       desired natural birth as your body will tense up. Relax! Don't take
                       magazine articles, television drama shows, doctor's opinions etc.
                       to heart. Fear is not good for you or your child. "Fear is the mind

                       Fear generally stems from a lack of knowledge or understanding,
                       a great way to conquor fear is to educate yourself. Do your
                       research, read some books (lots of books), search on the
                       internet, talk to other people but at the end of the day draw your
                       own conclusions. Once you have informed yourself, the fear will
                       naturally fade and you will be on the way to a happy, healthy,
                       relaxed and natural birth!