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A Response to Those Opposed to Not Having Prenatal Care

The following is a response to a person who submitted that not having prenatal care was irresponsible:

                       I chose not to have prenatal care and I do know how wonderful pregnancy is
                       though I don't see having a healthy baby as "lucky". I believe it is only natural.
                       As far as I know, a blood test hasn't hurt anyone except in rare cases though
                       ultrasounds have risks/dangers. Some people don't feel the need to hear the
                       heartbeat, they don't need to have this validated by machinery because they
                       trust their instincts (as women have done since the beginning of time). Women
                       are given the birth they want "within the hospitals/midwives guidelines.... do
                       you think a doctor/midwife would wait in another room and just come when
                       you called? NO! Some people look forward to visiting a doctor/midwife but I
                       don't believe that everyone does and therefore, saying that "it is good for the
                       mother" is not necessarily so. I personally don't feel the need to have my
                       feelings "validated" by an external party though I can understand that some
                       people do feel that need. For me, there could be nothing more unappealing
                       than being in a labour room in hospital with a bunch of nurses hanging around
                       me disturbing my labour.

                       Believe it or not, there are many highly educated women out there who believe
                       in their ability to create a human being on their own. Women have been doing
                       this since the beginning of time. If I am able to create a human without the
                       need/desire for medical attention, how does that make me uneducated?!
                       Women have this power yet they have, over time, voluntarily relinquished it
                       becoming more dependent doctors and now pregnancy and birth has been
                       medicalized. If anything, people who choose not to have prenatal care have
                       done so after excessive research and experience. They have to be even more
                       educated because they are caring for themselves. As to hundreds of people
                       disagreeing with me, I have no concern over that. As I have explained, I do
                       not feel the need for external validation or approval.

                       It is true that no one can predict what pregnancy and labour are to be like and
                       sometimes, medical care should be sought. A woman should always trust her
                       instincts and if she feels that something is not going normally, she should have
                       a back up plan, just like a midwife can always transfer to the hospital. One
                       should not go along blindly but before one rushes off to the doctor, do a bit of
                       research... we are not incompetent.

                       As a first time mother, I was not nervous at all. Fear comes from a lack of
                       knowledge so educate yourself. This does not *have* to come solely from
                       prenatal care or even at all from prenatal care. This does not *have* to come
                       from a medical doctor.
                       The baby could be breech but this does not, in itself, require an assisted
                       delivery. How can one say that since the introduction of prental care, there
                       has been a reduction in deaths? This is merely a possibility. It could very well
                       be true but we have no way to validate that. The death statistics have been
                       reduced for a number of reasons in my opinion and prenatal care can not be
                       automatically commended for this. Much has changed in our world in the past
                       couple of centuries. Living standards are better, there is less disease etc.
                       Could this not be what has reduced mortality rates?

                       Thank you for hoping that my next child is healthy. Does God really know I'm
                       taking a big risk or is he sufficiently satisfied in his creation? Our bodies have
                       been created perfectly to give birth. I think God knows this and probably
                       appreciates that at least a few people trust him!

                       I also know that I am a healthy person. I eat only the best quality organic
                       foods and organic vitamins. I never get sick even with minor ailments and live
                       a very healthy lifestyle. I don't feel the need to have this validated by an
                       external party.

                       I take complete responsibility for my life. I run my own businesses so don't rely
                       on my employer for income, I plan to home educate my daughter so don't hand
                       over responsibility to the State, I never give my child over to daycare or a
                       babysitter, I decide what foods are acceptable so don't hand that
                       responsibility to the FDA (or other body) to decide for me and I don't hand my
                       birth over the the medical industry. I take complete responsibility.

                       And in conclusion, I do not see giving birth as taking a "huge chance". It is
                       simply allowing my body the freedom to birth as has been done for ever.

                       For those of you who would like to research more on unassisted birth, please
                       check out the following sites: