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One Thing We Forget toWrite Into Our Birth Plan...

                       When writing a birth plan, we generally include who we want to be in
                       the room/home, whether we want drugs or not (if on a hospital),
                       whether we want an episiotomy or not, whether we want fetal
                       monitoring, whether we want a birthing pool, what position we may
                       want to give birth in and so on, whether (if at a hospital) we want to
                       have our husband's "rooming-in", whether we want our child handed
                       immediately to us, whether we want it weighed and measured,
                       whether we want blood test, vaccinations or vitamin K injections and
                       so on.

                       One thing we don't consider that perhaps we should is legal
                       representation. Not just any old advocate, a real advocate. In the
                       case of an "emergency" (whether it is or is not really an emergency),
                       hospitals tend to go almost insane with unnecessary tests, invasions
                       and procedures. They tend to give treatment before diagnosis "just in
                       case" which can cause a whole range of problems for your newborn.
                       Even when you do not consent (verbally or in writing) the doctor is
                       extremely likely to go ahead with what *they* deem necessary.

                       For example, let's say you're newborn has a *very slim* chance of
                       having an infection, your doctor may administer antibiotics just in case
                       while he conducts blood tests. He may do this without your

                       Another true example is where your doctor wants to conduct an
                       ultrasound or x-ray on your child for no reputable reason, you say "no"
                       and he does it anyway. These are just some examples of the kind of
                       treatment that people get.

                       So, it may be a good idea to have legal representation at this time
                       since what was a small situation can go out of control in a very short
                       time. If you brief a legal representative before your birth on what your
                       desires are and tell them that you may need their assistance, you rule
                       out the possibility of doctors performing procedures without your

                       Today in the news, there was yet another example: