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Water Birth

                        I decided early on in pregnancy that I wanted a water birth. I've
                        always found water so soothing physically and emotionally. We
                        hired a large pool (800 litres) about 3 months before the birth. I
                        would create the birthing environment I wanted (soft music,
                        candles etc, flowers etc.) and have a relaxing bath (or swim
                        rather) and visualise my birth to come. I was sure it would help for
                        labour as it's said water reduces pain by up to 80%. When I went
                        into labour, my husband filled the pool but I felt the need to walk
                        around with more powerful music than I had planned and jumped
                        in the pool periodically to help with the contractions. The warm
                        water was *so* incredibly helpful but still, I needed to walk. I
                        barely used the pool during labour but when it was time to birth I
                        was so glad to have it there. I have birth in the squatting position
                        just balancing there, it was so peaceful. I felt so light and
                        painless. My baby seemed to just swim out into the pool easily
                        and happily. She was so calm, I was so calm. I held her under
                        water for a while then brought her up, she had her eyes wide
                        open, there were no flurescent lights or doctors trying to attend to
                        her. It was just us and it was amazing! I would recommend a
                        birthing pool to anyone. Even if you don't use it, it's so nice to
                        have the option.