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Learning about Life - You're not taught this in school!

                        In school, the primary emphasis is on giving children basic skills
                        (Mathematics, English etc.) This is simply the basic infrastructure
                        that one needs to begin learning what is truly important. To learn
                        about life and develop the necessary skills to succeed requires a
                        sound understanding of basic principles (reading, writing, basic
                        maths) but the emphasis is set on basic skills for over 14 years!

                        I believe language skills are fundamentally necessary and they
                        should be developed to the maximum. However, many things are
                        missed in school, some basic "life skills" that are simply
                        overlooked. The only "life skill" (if you can call it that) students are
                        taught is how to write a resume and how to work a job. This is
                        taught through CV preparation and work experience.

                        What about the practicalities? Well, they don't tend to go into
                        them because they don't expect you to need to know about the
                        world because everything will be taken care of for you by your
                        employer of course.

                        In school, pupils are not taught real life skills. For example:

                        * How to Register a Company;
                        * How to find a good accountant or attorney;
                        * How to raise venture capital;
                        * How to manage your business;
                        * How to minimize taxation;
                        * How to apply for a loan and manage it properly;
                        * How to obtain a high income;
                        * How to handle banking (with banking incompetence these days);
                        * How to conduct business negotiations; and
                        * How to IPO your company and the pros and cons.

                        I could write a list of 100 or more things that could be taught but
                        are not. My point is, in school, you are given a very broad
                        education. An overview of the *basic* principles of a few subjects.
                        I presume an in-depth education is not given because they leave
                        that to universities. Well, as far as I am concerned this is not
                        acceptable. If it is possible to thoroughly teach a person and give
                        them an in-depth knowledge in many areas and a child could be
                        receiving a substantially better education then I see school as
                        giving the minimal education that is required by law. For my child,
                        I believe this is unacceptable.

                        When home educating, you're not getting the "left over" time from
                        your child. You're getting the best hours of their day which means
                        you can teach them all of the fundamentals and more. When
                        home education is done well and exploited to it's fullest, the child
                        is at such an advantage to schooled children.