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Please view some of my editorials relating to prenatal care and take a look at my recommended links:

My Editorials

1.  Vaccinations - an assault on your child

2.  Surveillance, Security & Safety

3.  Raising Organic Children

4.  School Inhibits Success

5.  Socialisation Concerns, Theory and Practise with Home Ed

6.  Learning about Life - You're not taught this in school!

Recommended Links

Bornfree This is the site that helped me reach the decision to have a completely assistance free pregnancy and birth.  There are some great articles on pregnancy and childbirth and this is my most recommended site.

International Homeschooling - Provides links to worldwide homescholing websites and organisations.  Excellent resource.

Education Otherwise - A UK based organisation for home educators.  Mostly interesting for the links and information.  I wouldn't recommend joining however as they entertain the Local Education Authorities (poor idea in my opinion).