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Raising Organic Children

You've probably heard a lot about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) over the past couple of years but only now, has it become such a contraversial issue all over the world. 80% of Europe is against GM and want it removed from their supermarket shelves or at the very least, correctly labelled (which the UK has been doing and hopefully the US and Australia will follow suit). Approximately 80% of the food in supermarkets contains GMO's including cereals, breads, tomato sauces/pastes, baby food and formula and
almost everything else. There is no way you can be sure that you are not eating GMO's unless the food is correctly labelled. This is also apparent in restaurants/hotels etc.

Genetic Modification poses a serious health and environmental risk to the entire world with the very real possibility of infecting organic farms since the wind carries pollen to the next field.

This is an unproven experiment that could be impossible to turn around should we discover (what we suspect/know) that it is, in fact, hazardous. Most children and infants have already been exponsed to these materials either directly (through solids or formula) or indirectly (through breastmilk).

The current stance is that GM is innocent until proven guilty. Shouldn't it be the other way around since it poses such a huge risk?! It's like man has stepped aside and said "God (or nature), you did an okay job but there's a few things you forgot so we'll finish the job for you". This thinking is completely flawed. How can something without chemicals be better than something with chemicals? Organic is better than sprayed, organic is better than GM...

Please make sure you educate your children as to the risks of consuming this experiment. Please study what you buy and remember, if it's not organic, it's probably (80% chance) GM.

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