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School Inhibits Success

                        First of all, let's define success. I believe success is freedom and
                        the time to enjoy it. How does one achieve complete freedom?
                        Well, it means having the money to not be financially constrained.
                        One can not be free without money and, while money is not
                        success, freedom is. Money is the tool we use to achieve
                        freedom. Having money in itself is not freedom. There's no point in
                        earning a million dollars a year working a job. Being employed is
                        not freedom. Freedom is having money in the bank and minimal
                        commitments allowing you the time to do what you wish.

                        Earning 30K in a job is not success, no matter how many
                        "employee of the month" awards you "achieve". Employee awards
                        are just an invention of the working class to give them a false
                        sense of real achievement/success.

                        So, now that we have defined success, how do we achieve it? We
                        certainly don't achieve it by going to school for 14+ years.
                        Employment does not grant success. School is set up to
                        encourage employment and, therefore, this is not the ideal
                        environment to prepare a person for future success. How is school
                        encouraging employment? From analysing the system, I have
                        arrived at the following:

                        1. School keeps roughly the same hours as work (9am - late

                        2. School allows a "morning tea" break, "lunch" break and
                        "afternoon tea" break, same as the office;

                        3. At school, you are told what to do each day by someone else,
                        just like work;

                        4. At school, you are forced to fake friendships to get along
                        normally just like work;

                        5. You are disciplined by someone elses rules if, at their
                        discretion, you have not met their expectations just like work;

                        6. You have very little say in anything just like work;

                        7. You are "graded" by someone elses rules just like work;

                        8. If you are unable to attend, you have to bring a note just like

                        9. If someone "in authority" takes a disliking to you, they can
                        make your time unpleasant just like work;

                        I could go on and on for pages but in summary, school is a tool of
                        the elite to insure a continuous supply of working class. Not that
                        you need any proof of this but have you heard of any school
                        anywhere in the world not pulling their students aside when
                        they're 13 or 14 and saying "what do you want to be when you
                        grow up? A fireman? A Policeman?" etc. I have never heard of a
                        school encouraging independent business, consultancy,
                        entrepreneurship... it's always working class ideals and goals.
                        What else could a working class teacher in a working class
                        system pass on?

                        When a child is not being taught to be working class, imagine
                        what they could be doing. What's to stop a teenager starting their
                        own business at only 14 years of age and achieving success (as
                        defined above) before they're even legally able to drive?! These are
                        just some of the options that non-schooled children have open for
                        them... schooled children do not. I certainly plan on encouraging
                        my child to have made her own fortune much before her 18th

                        The BBC reported that Ben Cohen (17 year old entrepreneur) said
                        "I just don't think the teaching profession in general - and there's
                        plenty of exceptions - really understands what business is about
                        and what the business environment is like". If they don't
                        understand it, they can not and do not encourage it.

                        Most entrepreneurs of today (now billionnaires) either didn't go to
                        school at all or decided that school had nothing more to offer
                        them and was inhibiting their success so decided to move ahead
                        with their lives rather than wasting time in school.. look where that
                        got them! Sir Richard Branson is a prime example of this.

                        According to some, moving on with one's life because they feel
                        they can achieve more without school, is "dropping out". This is
                        certainly far from the truth. My husband left school in year 11 and
                        guess what? He never took welfare and never worked a job... what
                        did he do? He ran his own company making more than 5 times
                        the average income in his first year. Now, we are running two
                        successful companies. Has school helped us? NO! In fact, most
                        entrepreneurs have to rid their mind of the rubbish their teachers

                        Schooling teaches students to be employees, education
                        otherwise allows for the development of success from an early