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Ultrasound Risks...

                       I have extensively researched the risks and dangers of
                       ultrasounds. Physicians conduct ultrasounds routinely despite the
                       obvious risks involved with radiation exposure. They tell you "it's
                       ok, it's just sound". This is a LIE. It is not sound, it is radio waves
                       and at high frequencies, some going as high as 22 Mhz. Mobile
                       phones are a health hazard as we know (causing brain tumors and
                       the like) but they tend to be less than 3 Mhz so you can imagine
                       what anything around or above that frequency does to a
                       developing child. I believe most medical "advancements" are
                       overused including x-rays and ultrasounds and most certainly
                       should not be used *routinely*. They are diagnostic and should
                       only be used to diagnose, not for routine checks... you do not
                       have a medical condition yet you are being treated as if you do.

                       Here are some very interesting/disturbing URL's on ultrasounds
                       including technicals that I dug up from my old files:










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