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Please view some of my editorials relating to prenatal care and take a look at my recommended links:

My Editorials

1.  Why you Shouldn't Read Pregnancy/Birth Magazines;

2.  Why I didn't Have Prenatal Care;

3.  Ultrasound Risks;

4.  Don't Worry Be Happy;

5.  How I Avoided Morning Sickness;

6.  A Response to Those Opposed to Not Having Prenatal Care;

7.  One Thing We Forget to Write Into Our Birth Plan;

Recommended Links

Bornfree This is the site that helped me reach the decision to have a completely assistance free pregnancy and birth.  There are some great articles on pregnancy and childbirth and this is my most recommended site.

Virtual Birth - While I wouldn't take their opinions to be fact, this site is great for definitions and resources.  Apply common sense when using this site.

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association - Explains the damage ultrasounds cause to the fetas and the risks involved with the procedure... recommended viewing indeed.

Obstetric Ultrasound - This site is more of a representation of the mainstream view that ultrasounds are safe.  Again, I don't recommend you to believe all the information on this site though some is useful and there are many links.

Recommended Books

          Unassisted Childbirth - By Laura Kaplan Shanley

  Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love - By Lynn M. Griesemer

  Active Birth - By Janet Balaskas,