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How I Avoided Morning Sickness...

                       Everyone I spoke with was so surprised that I didn't have morning
                       sickness but me! Sometimes, you just can't avoid it but for the
                       most part, you can.

                       I made sure I drank an incredible amount of purified water (2
                       gallons a day) and especially before bed. I also drank lots of
                       ogranic herbal teas, the one I felt was most helpful was lemon
                       tea in the mornings and camomile at night with a drop of honey
                       and freshly squeezed lemon.

                       Drinking lots of fluids raises your energy level and flushes out your

                       Eating really makes a difference too. Fresh fruit, salads and
                       vegetables contributes to a sickness free pregnance while
                       'gluggy' foods like meat, dairy, fast foods etc. promotes sickness.

                       If you want to avoid morning sickness, drink lots of water,
                       organic tea and eat mostly raw, organic fruits and vegetables,
                       stay away from heavy foods and try to eat small meals regularly
                       rather than 2-3 large meals.